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How do I set up an account?

Download the App and run through the registration process. It’s quick and easy and has some good tips to get started.


How do I set up my profile?

The basics of your profile will be partially created when you complete registration. We highly recommend you create a bio, tag cloud, and add additional photos. This brings your profile alive for others in the Chances community. You also can sign up for a college community or other communities. Chances is growing daily so please suggest a new community or interest if you don’t find what you’re looking for.


Are you a dating App OR how are you different from other dating apps? 

It’s funny, perhaps the most popular feature in Chances is the Dating toggle that lets users turn dating On or Off. I’d have to say most people comment about wanting to turn it off. They talk about building genuine relationships and that’s not possible if the pretense of the relationship is dating. Chances is a Social Relationships App for connecting people with mutual intentions for relationships of all kinds.


Why does the world need another social media app?

Chances is a Social Relationships app and this is very different from what Instragram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook do. Social media Apps are designed for sharing posts, pictures, or videos almost always with a large number of people. They actually do very little to help create deeper relationships between two people. Chances focuses on genuine connections between people for all kinds of relationships from friends to dating.


The First Intentions-Based Social Relationship App

Unlike social media apps that focus on creating attention, or dating apps that focus on impulse and appearance, Chances connects people based on mutually declared intentions across nine areas. These include Connect, Friends, Let’s Chat, Let’s Hang, Let’s Game, Let’s Study, Let’s See, FWB (Friends with Benefits), and Let’s Date with many more to come. 


What do you mean by intentions?

Well, it’s a set of intentions that you have at a given time for another person. For example, Let’s Hang is an intention, Let’s Study is an intention, Let’s Date is an intention, and Let’s See is one of our more interesting intentions. The meaning of intentions isn’t black and white but gives people a chance to express what they are interested in with the other person. And the other person has the same opportunity. Then, when intentions match, each person is notified. It’s a more interesting way to think about relationships that swipe right or swipe left. 


You talk about how Chances makes it easier to make the first move without fear of rejection. What does that mean?

Well, really no one has to make the first big move. Both people make their moves and then the moves are compared. What we found is that often times “making the first move” is never made because it’s scary. People have told us that making the first move on a friendship can be as scary as asking someone out on a date. And making a first move during COVID is totally unchartered territory and awkward. Chances gives people full control and creativity over how they approach another person. They can choose their intentions, send messages, and even hide their profile - a secret admirer situation. The other person can respond however they wish. We can’t guarantee every relationship will work out but it’s smooth sailing either way. We really hope people will act on their desires - whether it be for a new friendship, to hang out and do something with another person, or anything else.


Walk me through the home screen?

This is where you find new people or new fun things to do and of course the starting point to getting to all the other areas of the App. Notably, it’s also where you make the choice of whether you want dating enabled. Some people may have Dating on all the time, some will have it turned off always, and some may turn it on Friday 5pm?

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