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How do I set up an account?

Download the App and run through the registration process. It’s quick and easy and has some good tips to get started.


How do I set up my profile?

The basics of your profile will be partially created when you complete registration. We highly recommend you create a bio, tag cloud, and add additional photos. This brings your profile alive for others in the Chances community. You also can sign up for a college community or other communities. Chances is growing daily so please suggest a new community or interest if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Why does the world need another dating app?

We all have people we never took a chance on because of fear or whatever damn thing stopped us. Where dating apps connect you with strangers, Chances lets you take a chance safely on people you already know, have met, or have come across. Find out if they are into you too without risk, awkwardness, or fear of rejection. You can take a chance on people in your contacts, search for them, or browse your communities to find them. Chances unlocks new adventures with people that are right in front of you. You finally have a way to know. Why wouldn’t you be on Chances?

the first dating app for people you know

So why do so many of us never follow through to see if they are into us too? 


Bottom line —because the whole damn “dating” thing is hard. You’re stuck in limbo feeling both fear and excitement. Should you make the first move or wait for them? Are they even into you?


And that’s why we created Chances. It’s for all the people who have been in my (Chances Cofounder) shoes, and it turns out there are many of us. It’s for the guy who doesn’t know where to start when approaching the person he likes. It’s for the college girl who’s tired of swiping on strangers and has her eyes on that one boy in her class. It’s for all of us.


Chances is an alternative to existing dating apps. Instead of swiping on people you don’t know, our users take a chance on people they already know. We all need an easier way to see if they are into you too.

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