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Take a chance on @anyone


take a chance

Wondering if they're into you too? Take a chance on them!


send clues

Send clues e.g. your first initial, appearance, or how you met!

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integrated with instagram

Your crush doesn't even need to be on chances!


select intentions

Only mutual intentions are shared! They range from let's hang to dating.


choose your approach

You can either share OR hide your profile when taking a chance!


college experience (beta)

Join your college experience to scroll through fellow students!

how do I get access?



Someone takes a chance on you

Chances will notify you on Instagram when someone takes a chance on you! 

Invited by someone on Chances

Have friends that are already on Chances? Ask the to invite you!

Join the waiting list & follow @thechancesapp

Download the app and join the waiting list! 

know their IG   🤫 choose your approach   ðŸ¤« send clues   🤫 select intentions

launched at UCLA | February 2022

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